Paul Lombardo created SPEED TWIN FILMS LLC in September, 1997, for the purpose of having a legitimate and legal structure for the filming of his first screenplay, "Love... At Your Disposal" -- a feature-length romantic comedy. The 16mm film now on dvd has been featured in three film festivals: the Los Angeles Italian Film Awards/Festival, the York (UK) Independent Film Festival, and the Silk City Flick Fest. Currently Speed Twin Films is developing new projects and productions in all forms of media.

Director/producer/screenwriter Paul Lombardo is no stranger to the world of entertainment. Although "Love...At Your Disposal" is his first film-making project, Paul has a wealth of performing experience. Through his work in local and national film and television, live comedy, murder mysteries, and live music, Paul understands the many intricacies of putting together a quality product from start to finish. He's borrowed from his wide range of experiences to bring "Love...At Your Disposal" from concept to reality. Twenty years in his family's trash and recycling business also afforded Paul the opportunity to serve as the film's technical "trash" advisor, lending realism (and garbage trucks) to the film.


At Speed Twin Films, we don't always believe it is necessary to go through the major movie production system. On February 27, 2000 in the New York Times, Speed Twin Films was credited with making their first film through a locally sourced process, from start to finish. "Not all all of the films are coming from big companies. Paul Lombardo, 36, runs Speed Twin Films in Glastonbury. He wrote, produced and directed "Love...At Your Disposal," a romantic comedy that Mr. Lombardo shot all around Connecticut, including in Rocky Hill, New Britain and Glastonbury. He also used local actors and crew members."


With the release of "Love...At Your Disposal" on DVD and it re-entrance into the film festival circut, Speed Twin Films is reviewing upcoming and potential projects from film, to stage, and more...

Paul also performs on a regular basis with The Chester Hadlyme Mysteries. Their shows include: murder mysteries, improv, and other live events. For more information on The Chester Hadlyme Mysteries, vistit their website at:


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